OFS Pre-owned

The Smart Choice for Your Business

We believe that pre-owned furniture is a smart choice for businesses of all sizes, as it offers a number of environmental and financial benefits to boost your businesses bottom line.

Castell + OFS Pre-owned Spaces

Browse our selection of second life office furniture that has been sustainably sourced. Our inventory includes chairs, desks, cabinets, and more to outfit your office space. Check out the spaces below, planned & outfitted through Castell with a blend of new, top line manufacturers and OFS pre-owned stock. 


Task, guest seating & stools


Multiple styles & configurations


Soft seating, booths & reception

Café & Collaboration

Storage, display & collaboration tools

Why OFS Pre-owned Office Furniture?

Financially Sound

Repurposing office furniture can save you a significant amount of money - up to 50% over the cost of new furniture.

Earth Conscious

When you choose to purchase preowned office furniture, you're helping to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Brand Forward

The right office furniture can help project your company's brand values and create a positive first impression.

Quality Assurance

OFS deals only in late model, brand name office furniture in the best condition

Our preowned furniture is carefully curated to ensure that it is in excellent condition and meets the highest standards of quality. We constantly rotate inventories and can even help you source for specific areas or furniture standards. 

Value Added Service

Castell’s planning & design expertise back every OFS project solution

Our in-house team of designers & workplace consultants can help you blend new & preowned office furniture, optimize layouts and build in the right features to create a beautiful and functional workspace for your people. 


Contact us today to view our on current inventories or to discuss furniture buybacks or decommissioning.

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